Our mission is to create a new type of integrated marketing group, one rooted in technology and data

Next Fifteen

Our highlights

2017 was a very positive year for the Group, with strong revenue growth aided by a significant contribution from our recent acquisitions.

Adjusted revenue

£171.0m +32%
(2016: £129.8m)

Adjusted profit before tax

£24.2m +50%
(2016: £16.1m)

Net debt

£11.4m +73%
(2016: £6.6m)

Dividend per share

5.25p +25%
(2016: 4.2p)

Adjusted diluted earnings per share

23.4p +38%
(2016: 16.9p)

Statutory retained profit

£1.7m -62%
(2016: £4.5m)

Our brands

Next 15 owns 17 marketing businesses. The Group comprises agencies spanning digital content, marketing, PR, consumer, technology, marketing software, market research, public affairs and policy communications. All brands operate as autonomous businesses, allowing the Group to service competing clients.

Our work

Google Store

At the helm of Google’s flagship retail site by Beyond


With the Google Store launched, Brand Studio was looking for an agency to take over day-to-day creative production, and help envision what’s next. Our embedded team of 15 art directors, writers, strategists and producers hit the ground running.


Working side by side with the Google Retail team in Mountain View, we help drive brand and platform innovation while delivering strategic creative campaigns that consistently exceed sales goals.

BAE Systems

Unusual Suspects by Bite


We worked with BAE Systems’ subject matter experts to create six ‘personas’ of the most common types of cybercriminals that businesses face – the Unusual Suspects. Content included a landing page, 360-degree video, and hologram.


The campaign generated 20+ pieces of coverage across top tier titles and 12 journalists attended the associated event. It created an increase in website traffic of 600%+ against the 2015 benchmark and ten qualified enterprise leads.

The Art of Blending

by Lexis


Lexis launched ‘The Blend’, an aspirational experience where whisky aficionados learnt how to create their own blended whisky. The campaign delivered over 5,000 ticketed experiences and drove advocacy through a series of live influencer events.


The Blend sold out and generated over 70 pieces of media coverage with a reach of 286,000,000. The content generated 1,078,084 digital impressions and campaign analysis showed an increase in brand awareness, advocacy and consideration.

Beyond Meat

Paving the way for the future of protein by
M Booth


Americans love meat, but have always assumed that it must come from animals. Beyond Meat challenged that assumption with the launch of Beyond Burger, the first plant-based burger to look, cook and taste like beef.


With PR driving momentum, Beyond Burger’s distribution blossomed to 250+ stores in six months, selling 13x faster than any other company product. Beyond Meat was named in the Fast Company’s 2016 Most Innovative Companies list.

The Great Browdini

Helping the brand dominate the category worldwide by ODD


To support the launch of ten brow products and establish Benefit’s authority in the category, we created a real-time Twitter campaign which sought to reach, educate and engage new users within, and beyond, the beauty sector.


The campaign generated over 90m Twitter impressions, an engagement rate twice that of the industry average, and an exceptionally low CPE at just 16p vs the industry benchmark of 60p.

Launching the first flying selfie stick globally

by Text100


The IOT Group developed a polarising product: ROAM-e, the world’s first flying selfie stick. Text100 was engaged to help generate strong hype and awareness, and convert this into substantial pre-orders and sustainable sales.


The campaign generated 100+ pieces of international coverage in 15 countries, more than 900m views, 6,800+ mentions on ROAM-e’s social channels and over 250k indicative orders, and around 65% of ROAM-e’s targets opened their mail.

Intuit: interactivity creates a memorable event

Touch Table by Twogether


Intuit came to us with a challenge: how to solve the offline-online divide that leads to wasted opportunities at their annual event. How could they create an engaging experience that would continue after the event?


Our interactive table received extraordinary attention – 78% of users who logged on to the table added apps to their wish list. Intuit’s founder loved it so much, it was moved into the main conference area.


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